German Courses for Erasmus through English

Besides all the English courses our Language center provides German courses which are taught in English.

German Course Level 1: Sprechen im Alltag und Studium

ASZNJ3018  (taught in winter semester 2020/2021)

From the beginning of winter semester, the course will be taught in the form of distance learning. For the time being, this measure is valid through October 31, 2020.

This course focuses on the development of effective skills for written and oral communication necessary for university studies, internships and students‘ everyday life. It deals with grammatical phenomena specific to the B1+ level in relation to a variety of contexts typical for the university.
The language of instruction in the course is English in combination with Czech thus making it suitable for foreign (Erasmus) as well as regular students.
Requirements: Attendance and active participation in class, presentation, final written test (based mainly on grammar)

Course organisation: 90 min. twice a week.


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