English Courses

The English section offers semester-long courses on a regular basis (A2-level course for false beginners, basic courses, specialised courses), as well as short-term paid courses under lifelong learning (CŽV).

All courses including annotations and specific requirements for the courses on offer, as well as basic study materials and other information are listed in the SIS.

Beginner Courses

  • English A1. E-learning
  • English A2.

The English A2 course is intended for students with basic English knowledge (A1-A1+ level), serving as a preparation for the English I course. Face-to-face instruction consists of one 90-minute session a week; however, extensive self-study is required as well.

Basic Courses

  • Course I
  • Course II
  • Course III

The basic courses – English I, II and III – are also taught using blended learning.
Covering the A2/B1 – B2 levels, the basic courses are primarily intended for students preparing for their English exam.
Basic courses typically consist of two 90-minute sessions a week.
The blended learning course consists of one 90-minute face-to-face session a week and one 90-minute remote learning session a week.
Credit is awarded for regular attendance, active participation in class, completing the tasks assigned, and passing a final test (where applicable), earning the student 3 credits.

Specialised Courses

  • Academic Reading
  • Focus on Grammar. Blended Learning
  • Academic English. Reading and Writing Practice
  • Academic English. Writing Practice
  • Academic English. Writing Practice. E-Learning
  • Academic Writing
  • Making Presentations. Blended Learning
  • Vocabulary Development and Practice
  • Academic English. Listening and Speaking Practice
  • Creative Writing in English
  • Close Reading Anglophone Literature
  • Exploring Art and Visual Culture
  • History Seminar
  • Immersing in Thought
  • Selected Issues in English Speaking Countries
  • Insights into Czech Literature, Language, Culture and Mentality (especially intended for Erasmus students)
  • Academic English. Focus on Communication

Specialised courses develop students’ academic language competences, introducing them to the specific aspects of academic writing and preparing them for effective functioning in foreign-language work and study environments.
Some specialised courses prepare students for the B2-level exam and Academic Reading; others offer further learning and are open to all students with the required language level, including those who have already passed the exam.
The courses are intended for students with a minimum B1/B2-level language competence.
The courses typically consist of one 90-minute session a week and require extensive self-study.
Credit is awarded for regular attendance, active participation in class, and completing the tasks assigned, earning the student 3 credits.


Instructions for course registration.


The Language Centre exams are designed in accordance with CEFR and internationally recognised certificate requirements.
Basic as well as some specialised courses serve as exam preparation; however, you are not required to participate in the courses to take the exam.
The language exam must be passed before the end of one’s studies in the respective study programme.
For more information, refer to exam structure and instructions on exam registration.
Specific requirements for individual exams, recommended reading, and other references are listed in the SIS.

Sample tests are available in Moodle.

Exam Dates

Doctoral Study

Doctoral students may enrol in Language Centre courses, with courses focusing on the development of specific academic skills being especially suitable. You must register in the SIS to take the courses.

For more information on exams, refer to Doctoral Exams.
Teacher responsible for doctoral examinations: Terezie Límanová, M.A.

General Public (Lifelong Learning)

The Language Centre offers a wide range of courses under the lifelong learning programme (CŽV) to students of the Faculty of Arts and other faculties, as well as the general public.