About Us

Pedagogical Activities

The Language Centre provides education and exams for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programmes of study at the Faculty of Arts.

We teach the following languages:
· English
· German
· French
· Russian
· Spanish
· Latin

Our educational activities include:
· General language teaching
· Technical, academic, and specific-purpose language teaching
· Courses focusing on language skills (academic reading and writing, presentation skills, creative writing)
· Specialised field-related courses
· Courses for Erasmus students (e.g., teaching German and Latin via English; courses in English on Czech literature, culture, and history)
· Instruction for the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
· Instruction for CU employees and the general public (University of the Third Age and lifelong learning courses)
· Supporting student autonomy
· Collaborative and project-based learning
· Intercultural communication
· CLIL and LMI methods
· E-learning and blended learning

Exams at the Language Centre of the Faculty of Arts:
· B2-level exams in the respective languages
· Academic Reading exam
· UNIcert international exam
· Foreign language doctoral exams

Academic and Professional Activities

Professional Associations:
· Membership in the CASALC (Czech and Slovak Association of Language Centres) and the international organisation CERCLES

Our teachers take part in inter-university exchanges as well as the Erasmus+ international programmes.
We participate in and host educational workshops on a regular basis, engaging in extensive grant and project activities.
Apart from publishing scholarly literature, our teachers write reviews, translate, and some even publish their own fiction.

Notable Publications

Grants and Projects

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