The Language Centre exams are designed in accordance with CEFR and internationally recognised certificate requirements.
Basic as well as some specialised courses serve as exam preparation; however, you are not required to participate in the courses to take the exam.
The language exam must be passed before the end of one’s studies in the respective study programme.
For more information, refer to exam structure and instructions on exam registration.
Specific requirements for individual exams, recommended reading, and other references are listed in the SIS.
Sample tests are available in Moodle.

Exam Dates

Doctoral Study

Doctoral students may enrol in Language Centre courses, with courses focusing on the development of specific academic skills being especially suitable. You must register in the SIS to take the courses.

For more information on exams, refer to Doctoral Exams.

Teacher responsible for doctoral examinations: Terezie Límanová, M.A.

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