The Language Centre (LC) offers courses in following languages: English, German, French, Russian,  Spanish.

These language courses are offered to all students of the Faculty of Arts, including foreign students (Erasmus and other international programmes).

Types of courses

  • Progressive courses offered at three levels according to students’ initial skills (I, II, III, at the levels A2/B1, B1.2, B2), leading the students towards B2 level exams.
  • Specialised courses (LAP – Language for academic purposes) focus on developing students‘ academic skills and require advanced language skills (minimum at the B2 level).

Courses organisation

The language of instruction is the respective foreign language (e.g. German courses are taught in German), except for courses at the lowest level (Course I) and Latin courses, which are mainly taught in Czech and therefore are not suitable for Erasmus students.

Erasmus students attend regular courses (according to their level) from the LC timetables. They register in SIS under the codes of the courses appended with -E endings (e.g. ASZNJ3020E).

Once the course requirements are fulfilled, students receive 3 ECTS credits and a mark (1, 2, 3 – pass, 4 – fail).

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