Doctoral Exams

The foreign language doctoral exam provides a comprehensive assessment of students’ language proficiency (B2/C1 level expected), focusing on academic and specialised language skills.

There is a standard and an alternative exam; both exam forms are oral and take place at the Language Centre.

Standard Exam:

The student submits the following documents to the examiner no later than 14 days before the day of the exam:

  • Structured professional CV (1-2 standard pages)
  • Dissertation project (2-3 standard pages)
  • Summary of a scholarly text with full bibliographic information (2-3 standard pages)
  • Explanation of 5-10 select technical terms (2-3 standard pages)

Alternative Exam:

If you have an internationally recognised certificate of the relevant language at the level required (B2/C1) or if you have published a scholarly text or defended a BA/MA thesis in the language, please contact the teacher responsible for the examination, who will give you further details.

In the exam, the student presents the written materials required, demonstrating academic language competence and the ability to express opinions, provide evaluations and adequate quick responses.

The exam date is arranged individually by the student and the teacher responsible for the examination.

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